People and society

We operate according to high values and ethical principles. Our employees are absolutely valuable to us, and we want to create a safe, diverse and equal working environment for everyone. We have an absolute zero tolerance for bullying, harassment, and discrimination.

We are a safe space where everyone is welcome and valued as themselves. We encourage self-expression and continuous development of skills and knowledge, and we support everyone on their own career path by offering almost unlimited opportunities for growth and development.

SwanIT is constantly looking for partners and collaboration opportunities with charities, schools, and research institutes. Contact us!


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Social responsibility

Our people
We are a safe space where everyone is welcome and valued for who they are.
Partners and customers
We always act respectfully and value each of our customers and partners equally.
Finnish society
Our social responsibility in Finland, in addition to our environmental actions, focuses on helping disadvantaged children and young people. If your organization belongs to this group, we would love to hear more about you!
Global society
We strive to do everything we can to improve human rights and environmental work around the world. To this end, we are unyielding advocates of circular economy in our own industry. We believe that the wealthy should have strong human rights obligations.