SwanIT's environmental management system is certified according to the ISO14001 standard. The system and thus the certificate cover our entire operations and service portfolio.

Below is more information about our sustainability policies and goals. In addition, key environmental aspects have been highlighted. 


What we do?


Environmental policies

SwanIT and its senior management are committed to the continuous improvement of the environmental management system and to compliance with binding obligations and legislation. We are committed to the active protection of the planet, the environment, and natural resources.

We have focused our resources on improving the most significant environmental aspects of our operating environment: recycling, purchasing and procurement, partners, and awareness raising. With these actions, we aim to do our part to prevent pollution and environmental degradation. Our environmental management system covers all our operations: services, products, and processes.



We are committed to complying with all regional and national waste management laws and regulations. We are constantly working to maximize our recycling rate and raise awareness. SwanIT actively trains its staff on recycling and waste sorting.

Together with our partners, we are actively working to minimize and properly manage waste.


Purchasing and procurement

Resource efficiency is at the heart of our purchasing and procurement. We only purchase and procure products and services for verified needs. All purchases are made using an evaluation method that assesses the overall responsibility of the service and the supplier.

In this context, the environmental aspect is one of the evaluation categories. The things to be evaluated include the carbon footprint, the materials used, supplier responsibility, and the supply chain.


Partners and operators

We are constantly building and developing our partner network, which plays a significant role in our operating environment. We are in the process of building a partner audit program, which is intended to be carried out for each partner and supplier in the coming years.

We demand ethical and responsible conduct from all of our partners and want to ensure it through our own processes.

Process optimization

We are constantly working to minimize the environmental impact of our processes and service production. We are working on comprehensive life cycle analyzes of our services and products, and strive to continuously improve on the development points they offer.

This includes everything from remote work policies to recycling, device aftercare and lifetime management.


Resource efficiency

Closely related to the above is resource efficiency, which we are constantly striving to improve. This applies to fixed assets and purchases, as well as electricity consumption, travel, and all parts of our business.


Environmental goals

Our environmental goals reflect our environmental policies and are divided into key topics.
Raising awareness
Increase the recycling rate through education and by improving sorting possibilities.
Ensure 100% component-level recycling of electronic waste.
Device purchases
Reduce per capita device purchases by 30%, 50%, and 70% by the end of 2023, 2024, and 2025, respectively.
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Tuulia Virhiä

CEO & Founder