We are blazing the way in today’s market towards a more sustainable way of working, redefining the actualization of sustainable values and creating the world’s most safest and comfiest working environment.


We want to be recognized as the world’s most sustainable company that has set the industry a new standard for what sustainability is, improved the lives of our people and the future of our planet.


Respect Towards People, The Planet And Its Resources

Our planet is already beyond its boundaries and respect towards all its resources at SwanIT means caring for them and maximizing their utilization according to circular economy principles. We do not acquire or purchase anything without careful consideration and evaluation and a profound need.

Human Rights And Obligations

At SwanIT we talk about human rights and human obligations. We aim to ensure that human rights are secured in all our operations throughout the service lifecycles. For us human obligations include operating ethically, respecting the planet and people as well as working towards a better future.


All people are equal, important, and valuable beyond measure regardless of any factor. We embrace the uniqueness and individuality of each and everyone. We work to create an environment where trust, safety and wellbeing are at the center of everything. In our service lifecycles this means that we evaluate our partners and their operations critically.

Sincerity and authenticity

We want to be sincere and authentic in all we are and all we do. We want to make our work, cooperations and everything we do and participate in as transparent as possible creating solid trust between involved parties. Our state of will is that all we say, write and promise is sincere and translates directly into what we do. We are worthy of our words.

Courage and Patience

Working towards more sustainable practices takes patience and perseverance. Markets and persistent behaviors are not to be changed in a day. Bringing up drawbacks and grievances and suggesting better, more sustainable models, requires courage as they are not always well received and come under scrutiny.

Who are we?

SwanIT is the most sustainable IT service provider in Finland and the Nordic region.

SwanIT was founded in 2017 with the idea of creating an alternative to traditional IT infrastructure solutions. Combined with our strong expertise in IT services, we are dedicated to making a significant contribution to creating a more sustainable future.

It is important for us to highlight environmental and human rights issues in the field of IT. We want to encourage companies to act sustainably when procuring IT equipment and services. We believe this is the way to lead and make a real change within the industry.

Our core competencies lie in the overall management of our customers’ network solutions and devices in a secure and environmentally friendly way.

We offer network solutions and Device as a service (DaaS)- solutions to medium and large sized companies. Our services include Onsite and Remote IT-support. We handle logistics, installations, licenses, maintenance and data security. In addition, we ensure sustainable recycling of devices at component level.

We are trusted partners for our clients in various projects such as network design, equipment and system selection as well as various consulting. We guarantee high-quality and up-to-date, relevant services, rapid response and decision-making and our comprehensive partner network. We work together with the best international partners who share our commitment and vision for sustainability and ethical conduct.


Sustainability and environmental conservation play important roles in today’s corporate world. It is increasingly important to plan operations and make decisions from a sustainable point of view. The most significant impact in IT comes from the manufacturing and recycling processes of equipment. However, many are not familiar with how these processes actually work.  For example relatively new equipment is often sent abroad in the name of recycling. However, these locations rarely have appropriate methods or means for recycling or reuse. The equipment may also be crushed and later used in construction where dangerous substances end up in the soil. Consequently, mining of valuable metals will continue to accelerate.

We make sure all equipment and components are recycled at the end of their life cycle. The materials are then separated, recycled and reused with the help of our trusted recycling partners. In many cases, companies do not have accurate information on environmentally friendly equipment acquisition and disposal processes. We do.

Kasvu, HS Mainosliite

"Often corporate warehouses are full of obsolete IT equipment. For example, we recycled 1,500 kilos of electronic waste from the warehouse of one small office. The old equipment should be recycled more quickly in order to re-use precious metals and to reduce the pressure to mine virgin metals."

Our ecosystem partners

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