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SwanIT acts as an expert in IT infrastructure services and circular economy. Through us, you can get the expertise that you may not have – or maybe you just need some extra hands. We have done countless projects for our customers with top-notch feedback.

  • Implementations
  • Information security
  • Renewal consulting
  • Network
  • Sustainability
  • Microsoft projects
Implementation of centralized device management
Is your device management and monitoring, well, not in good hands? Our experts are professionals in their field in consulting and building centralized device management. We are especially good in the Microsoft world, without forgetting other technologies. And as a tip: when you know the devices you have and what condition they are in, you already have the starting point for more environmentally sustainable operations.
Device environment migrations
Do you have a company acquisition or other major change coming up? We have helped large customers migrate their user and device base under one happy parent. Don't get stuck in pain for too long - things happen quickly and with high quality when our professionals get to put their expertise into play.
Environmental responsibility and circular economy consulting
When you are stuck with where to start circular economy thinking for your devices or environmentally sustainable IT service production. We have helped several companies to take their first steps and create a roadmap for the future. Whether it's a one-hour management team discussion or a sparring day for the whole team, we have the help you need!
Other projects
Do you need extra hands for "hands-on" work? This could mean reinstalling a large device base, or even a nationwide network device change. We have a solution for this as well, of course, and we have received praise for previous gigs and been called back. Remember that those Windows machines should be upgraded to Windows 11 this year to ensure that security is not compromised. Our people are happy to do it with great expertise.
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  • Environmental friendliness
  • Reliability
  • Security
  • Cost-effectiveness
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