Quality Management System

SwanIT’s quality management system covering all operations and services have been certified according to the ISO9001 – standard.  

In the sections below we provide information about our quality policy and goals.  Additionally, our focal quality aspects are elaborated upon. 

Quality Policy

Customers, their satisfaction, and consistent, high quality service delivery are at the center of our quality policy. We are committed to our quality management principles and their implementation. We commit to the continuous and proactive evaluation of customer needs, market trends and iteration based on feedback. Our management makes information and data based decisions to improve the effectiveness of change implementation. Our goal is to ensure our clients uniform and uncompromised quality. Our quality management system covers all our operations; services and processes. 

Customer feedback
and market dialogue

We commit to continuous, agile, and systematic collection of formal and informal feedback from our customers and prospects. We actively involve our customers in the development of our services and products and take part in industry events and other market dialogue encouraging activities.

Service and process development and improvement

Our services and processes are altered, developed, and improved in an agile and continuous manner where feedback leads to analysis, development, implementation and feedback collection, creating a loop of continuous improvement. 

Knowledge and expert development

Our experts develop and certify their skills as well as acquire new knowledge and skills on the latest technologies to improve and promote not only personal development but our service provision as well.  We pride ourselves in the opportunities we offer our personnel for training and expansion of their skillset.

Quality Objectives

Customer Satisfaction

100% Customer Retention

Customer Relationships

Growing and long-lasting relationships

Customer feedback

A formal feedback channel coming soon!

Service quality

High SLA compliance and first contact resolution

Service development

Actively developing our portfolio for new as well as existing services. We aim to launch one new service annually.

Knowledge and Expertise

Our experts spenf 75h annually on certifying their skills and learning new ones.

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