For Partners

Partnering with SwanIT

We demand that our partners and all entities that cooperate and work with us, commit to our Code of Conduct.  We work closely with all our partners in active dialogue to develop the cooperation further. We are constantly looking to develop our ecosystem and network of partners.  

SwanIT Oy is ISO14001 and ISO9001 certified. We will ensure at all times that all our operations and services comply and fulfill the requirements of these standards. This applies to our partnerships and the related policies as well. 

Questions? Thoughts?
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Code of Conduct

Partner and supplier document

Core values

Integrity & honesty

Trust & Transparency

Appropriate handling of confidential information

Best practices for information security


To laws and regulations

No bribery or corruption

Zero tolerance


Consequence of misconduct

All partners, suppliers and other cooperation entities are required to comply with SwanIT’s code of conduct.

 In the case of misconduct SwanIT will take immediate action and report the event. Illegal activity will be reported to the authorities.

 In the case of severe misconduct, SwanIT reserves the right to dismiss the partnership at the earliest contractually possible time.