SwanIT offers a variety of projects for companies’ IT infrastructure design. The projects include network and information security, technical and ethical mapping of IT environment as well as workstation projects. 

With decades of experience, we have accumulated knowledge on best practices and perfected our methods. Our core competence lies in evaluating and planning the overall technical design and sustainability. As such, we never oversize or overprice solutions.  

We provide you with customer centric specialists for diverse types of needs from extra pairs of hands in the form of onsite support to challenging and demanding expert undertakings.

What does the project process generally look like?

1. Needs assessment, scoping and planning

Projects are always planned according to the customer needs

2. Implementation and iteration

The implementation of the project is planned and executed together with the customer

3. Approval

Each project delivery is approved by the customer, to ensure the best possible quality and customer satisfaction.

4. Project closure

Each project is closed with a closing meeting, where the project and end results are reviewed and assessed with the customer. The purpose of the meeting is to ensure mutual understanding of the results and improve the cooperation with potential future projects in mind.

5. Customer satisfaction

We make sure that the project has delivered and met the customer's expectations

Examples of customer projects implemented