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Tuulia Virhiä

Chief Executive Officer

Board Member, Management Team

Eternal do-gooder and the Gyro Gearloose of her own life story.  

Peter Caselius

Service Director, Digital Workspace

Management Team

Got lost in the wonderland of information technology and found my passion around the time I took my first steps. I’ve been glued to a computer screen ever since. 

Peeter Pruuden

Service Director, Network Services

Management Team

Kaj Majanen

Service Director, End User Services

Management Team

Each day is an opportunity and each day is as good as you make it. 

Amanda Shonubi

Sustainability and Project Director

Management Team

Hopeless sweet tooth and explorer whose favorite things include ice-cream, exciting travel destinations and dreaming of the two.  Often associated with Mr. Bean. 

Juhani Heinonen

Sales Director

Management Team

Energetic and overly enthusiastic salesman and sales director. On his freetime, an amateur chessplayer who enojoys the gym. 

Olli Onnela

Service Desk Specialist

Jussi Somero

Network Architect

Network specialist by day. By night ITF taekwon-do, guitar and bass playing dude in a band.  

Kalle Liljeström

Service Desk Specialist

Ironman of IT and a rusty musician. 

Anne Liimatta

Intern and Multitalent

Diginomad enjoying her freedom. Easily excited about new ideas and projects. Loves to be involved in everything. On her freetime enjoys discovering the world, watching movies, playing video games and taking care of her dogs, together with her spouse.

Esa Tirkkonen

Service Desk Specialist

A perpetual motion machine and world traveler. Many countries checked off, yet many to see. Passionate about working out. 

Jani Mustakallio

Service Desk Specialist

Snufkin of his own life story who draws energy from summer, festivals, concerts and gym. Favorite material is metal and favorite color is black. 

Ville Metsola

Service Desk Specialist

An IT problem solver with a an emphasis on the human touch. A lifelong passion for music.

Björn Lönnqvist

Application consultant

Service Desk Sensei who builds everything from wood and fanclubs famous bears like Winnie the Pooh. 

Enja Sarvarinne

Office Assistant

Osku Heikkinen

Service Desk Specialist

Rami Peltola

Service Desk Specialist

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