10.3. NREP starts collaboration with SwanIT to close the loop on IT devices

As the leading real estate investor and innovator in the Nordics, NREP has taken actions towards a more sustainable IT together with its partner SwanIT. As part of SwanIT’s “Device as a Service” model NREP has started the responsible post-processing of the outdated and obsolete “end of life” IT devices, such as laptops, mobile phones, etc.

Saana Markko from NREP, who’s been closely involved with the project, is optimistic about the start of the co-operation: “Our business has grown fast over the past couple of years leading to an increased demand for new IT devices and equipment as we have opened new offices and hired more people. At the same time the number of outdated devices have grown. We had to find the most sustainable way to recycle the used devices while making sure we keep traceability; we want to know where they end up and what is being done with them. “

The “Device as a Service” includes pickup and delivery, data erasure, careful evaluation of the reusability of the device and decommissioning of the device at component level at recycling stage. The devices are delivered to Finland for post-processing from multiple NREP’s office locations in Europe and in Finland. SwanIT delivers data erasure and recycle reports after each device batch has been processed.

“Additionally, we want to get relevant data and reports about the recycling process in order to understand the benefit of this method compared to traditional devices’ recycling. We launched the service with SwanIT at the beginning of 2022 with 150 obsolete devices and have now delivered the first batch for analysis. This is the beginning of our journey with SwanIT and we look forward to seeing it grow and evolve over time. We are very excited about this cooperation towards a more sustainable IT. Considering our values and mission, SwanIT offered the best and most sustainable solution. “ Markko continues.

NREP is not just a traditional real estate investment company that sees real estate only as assets. It has taken a wider perspective on the industry by considering the users, the society, the environment as well as the overall sustainability. For years, the company has been a pioneer in sustainability in real estate. Before upcycling became a trend, they created the world’s first 100% recycled concrete building, and are currently working on the world’s first large-scale real estate project that aligns with all 17 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Simply put, sustainability for NREP is not only a buzz word used in advertisement but a core value and key innovation driver for every action the company takes in their everyday work.

“This is another great example on how our transparent and groundbreaking work with sustainable IT is bearing fruit in the industry. We are being trusted even with the most demanding and sustainable companies who are pioneers in their own industry. I’m very happy and humbled about this cooperation. Like said, this is just the beginning of the fruitful collaboration of two sustainable companies!” says Juhani Heinonen from SwanIT.

Helsinki 10.3.2022

Juhani Heinonen,
Sales Director, SwanIT

Saana Markko,